The unique sparkle of emerald and gold...

Oval Emerald Link Band Ring

A ring that can be with you in every moment of your life with the meeting of emerald and yellow gold.

Diamond And Emerald Circle Earring

Everyone will notice the elegance of emerald, diamond and gold in your ears.

Square and Oval Emerald Bangle

You will always attract attention with this gold and emerald bracelet that you can complete yourself and shine with you on your wrist.

Emerald Choker Necklace

Feel different in your special moments with this choker necklace that will draw attention to your neck.

Octagon Emerald Diamond Necklace

A design that will make you special throughout your life... This necklace made of gold, emerald and diamond will always complete you with its sparkle./p>

Emerald and Baguette Diamond Twin Ring

Designed with you in mind, this ring will be the sparkle of your fingers...