Let's Shine!

Electroform Drop Earrings

Here comes the sun with Aspendos jewels! Add a hint of color to make for a more glamorous look this summer.

Diamond Chain Earrings

Sparkling decisions. A must-have to start summer in a beautiful way!

Electroform Curved Ring

A universal gesture of love, to share with a spirit of joy. Too much or never enough. Gift an irresistible clash of attitudes.

Link Bracelet With Diamond Claso

Sprakle all season long. We wish you a happy summer with Aspendos.


Electroform Cuff Bracelet

A playful reflection of the connections that bring us together.

Link Necklace with Diamond Clasp and Earrings

A diamond jewelry piece for women with a timeless and contemporary style that will become your perfect everyday companion.

Electroform Beads Earrings

This is your window into the world of Aspendos. No rules, no limits!