Discover the fascinating world of Aspendos Jewellery and its unique designer.

 Blue Diamond Heart Necklace

Not just a necklace! A design that will make you feel special and self-confident when you wear it with the combination of Rose Gold and Blue Diamond.

Marquise Clover Necklace

The harmony of glare and elegance. Since it started to present its craft, soulful designs of Aspendos, has met the highest quality natural precious stones and stunning handcraft.

Ruby Heart Necklace

A balance between the past and the future, tradition and innovation captured in its designed pieces. Aspendos has grown over the years with the excellent customer experience, only offering one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Heart Diamond Necklace

By shining a spot of crystal on Aspendos diamonds, soak up its art that illuminates, beautifies and celebrates the beauty of a stone.

Calligraphic Eye Necklace

Beautifully balancing both straight lines and curves, the design of this necklace will bewitch you!